Lakes with massive solar panel arrays

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Floating solar power in China
By Michelle Robertson
China is literally making waves with the news that it has built a huge floating solar energy array on the surface of a lake. Located in Huainan province, this solar structure is the biggest of its kind, and can produce enough electricity to power the lights and air conditioning of a large nearby city - around 40 Megawatts of electricity at its’ peak.

This is another step forward for China as it continues to make progress in reducing its reliance on fossil fuel energy sources. This news is even a bit ironic because the solar installation is floating on a lake that was formed by a collapsed coal mine. As large as this project is, it will eventually be eclipsed by an even larger floating array that is being built in the nation’s eastern province of Anhui. That one will have the capacity to produce a whopping150 Megawatts. 


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