Feature Articles

The Genius of Einstein

How does a person become an icon? In the case of Albert Einstein, the originality and brilliance of his scientific achievements were so memorable that calling someone an [...]

Jazz Point Ibiza 2021

Jazz Point Ibiza put our island on the international jazz map by bringing some of the biggest names in the business to perform here in March 2020.The 2021 edition [...]

Toward a Four Day Work Week

In recent decades globalization, automation, digitization and outsourcing have drastically changed the nature of work. Yet we still cling to a schedule [...]

Good News

Young and old live together in harmony

The port city of Helsingborg in southern Sweden is the site of a radical experiment in multigenerational living. Its name is “Sällbo” which blends the Swedish words [...]

The generous “baby cuddler”

Louis Mapp is in his 80’s and a great-grandfather, but he still volunteers in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of a hospital in Alabama (US). Once a week he drives [...]

Mexico to legalize cannabis

Lawmakers in Mexico have approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana - a milestone for this country which has been plagued by drug wars. The law allows individual [...]

Finland’s progressive policies

Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin is the youngest female head of government in the West, and she has spearheaded an acceleration of her country’s progressive policies. [...]

Science & Technology

Breakthroughs in solar power technology

Making solar energy more efficient is one of the most important ways to achieve more sustainable clean electricity. Many scientists are working on this problem, and [...]

Australian solar to power Singapore

Australia will be the leader of a new concept that will show the world how sun-soaked countries can transport their excess solar and wind energy to places [...]

Beautiful music with ‘Bionic Gloves’

João Carlos Martins from São Paolo, Brazil was a world renowned classical pianist until he suffered a soccer injury that left him with nerve [...]


Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in EU

In 2020 Europeans got more of their electricity from renewable sources than fossil fuels for the first time. The annual report which has been [...]

Wildlife highway crossings

Sweden will build a series of new animal bridges as part of the global efforts to help wildlife navigate busy roads. Every April Sweden’s main highway comes to a standstill [...]

Changing the ‘throwaway culture’

Repair cafés in the UK are dedicated to giving new life to things that might otherwise be thrown away, and to saving tonnes of waste from going into [...]

Floating houses for cities

With a growing global population and an increase of people living in cities, high land values are causing a shortage of affordable housing in urban areas. One way of adapting [...]

Inside Ibiza

Water consumption falls on Ibiza

A silver lining of the Covid-19 crisis has been a great improvement in Ibiza’s perennial problems of water shortage. Measurements at the end of the summer showed that water [...]

Water Sports on Ibiza

Looking out from the beach on a warm sunny day, it’s clear to see that we humans are a playful species. Whether it’s children frolicking in the shallows or jet skis speeding [...]

Muriel Grossmann and All That Jazz

Some years ago I was sitting with friends outside of a café in Ibiza, when suddenly the sweet sounds of music from within transported me back to the jazz clubs of my native [...]

Health & Wellness

Take the ‘Nature Pill’

More and more doctors are prescribing nature experiences for the health benefits that come from reduced stress. The power of this ‘nature pill’ is well proven, and it can [...]

Using mRNA technology to cure cancer

The co-creator of one of the Covid-19 vaccines says that the same technology could be used to fight cancer. Ozlem Tureci and her husband Ugur Sahin are the co-founders of [...]

Natural Ways to Manage Stress

Are you one of those busy people who has 1,000 different things to do every day and is always thinking, “I never have enough time!”. Living in our fast-paced world [...]

Yoga can ease depression

New research is showing that the practice of yoga can be of great benefit for people who suffer with depression. Most of these patients are given antidepressant medications [...]

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