Security and opportunity for the less fortunate

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Tiny homes improve lives
By Jinny Throup
A ‘tiny home’ community is being developed in Detroit, US, to help the city’s low-income population by allowing them to become homeowners. According to Reverend Faith Fowler, author of “Tiny Homes in a Big City,” the goal is to give these people the security of having a place to live, plus a solid asset that they can use to borrow money to start a business or get over a financial emergency. The houses, all of which are architecturally different, vary between 75 and 120 square metres. Some are studios, some have a separate bedroom and others have a loft. They are well insulated and feel much more spacious inside than they look from the outside. This was truly a community project. The charity Interior Lifestyles donated furnishings for the homes, and the finishing touches to the houses were created by volunteers, many of whom are employees at the nearby Ford Motor Company factory. This project has worked so well that plans are afoot to build more tiny homes in the neighbourhood.


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