A bandage that monitors your wound.

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Smart bandages
By Jinny Throup
A team of researchers at Swansea University (UK) has invented a smart bandage that allows the medical staff to keep up to date about a patient’s progress remotely. The dressing is designed to detect any problems, such as infection, during the time between a patient’s appointments. Using very small sensors based on nanotechnology and 3D printing, the bandage is designed to alert the doctor through 5G mobile technology. This amazing bandage can also have a wireless connection to the patient’s smartphone, and can monitor physical activity levels which impact recovery speed.

What this means is that the doctor knows the performance of the specific wound at any specific time, and can then tailor the treatment to fit the situation. Professor Marc Clement explains that this multi-technology approach with interconnection through 5G infrastructure, “will allow us to deliver health care for a wound patient that provides better patient outcomes and a better quality of life.”


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