Huge trucks that are efficient and silent.

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Tesla electric semi truck
By Jerry Brownstein
Elon Musk is intent on bringing the future closer to the present, and he has been extremely successful in promoting solar energy, efficient space travel and electric transportation. It seems like he unveils a new creation every month, and one of his latest is the Tesla electric semi truck which he plans to start delivering in 2019. Here are some of the design and performance features that it promises:

- 20% less expensive to operate than diesel (and 50% less when driven in convoy).
- Range of 800 km on one battery charge.
- Zero to 100kph in just 5 seconds (20 sec. fully loaded).
- Capable of doing 100kph up a 5% grade (fully loaded).
- A global network of solar-powered mega-chargers with a guaranteed low price for the charging.

These are lofty expectations, but don’t bet against them. Elon Musk is continually changing people’s expectations about what the future will look like... and how soon it will arrive. 


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