Solar farms coming to Ibiza.

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More solar power for Ibiza
By Carmen Loren
The installation of large solar energy arrays could be a big part of Ibiza’s energy future. The construction of the first solar energy park on the island has recently been authorized at Can Mariano Lluquí near Sant Miquel. It will occupy an area of almost 30,000 square meters and will consist of 9,240 solar panels. The company Sun Awip 2020 is the developer of this photovoltaic park that will occupy only 0.02% of the territory of the municipality. It will supply the electricity network with a total of 3,650 kwh per year, which represents 10% of the annual electricity demand of Sant Joan. This initiative is a good step in the right direction as it adds to the only other park of solar panels in the Pitiusas, which is located in Cala Saona on Formentera.

The General Director of Energy and Climate Change, Joan Groizard, says that 100% of the electricity demand on all of Ibiza could be supplied by installing solar panels on just 2% of the island’s territory. Currently, there are only solar panels in private homes and on the roofs of some public buildings including the Consell de Ibiza. The current Ibiza government hopes that by 2050 Ibiza’s energy needs could be supplied completely by solar energy. Unfortunately, the government of Spain does not do very much to support the growth of renewable energies. But here on Ibiza it makes complete sense for us to use our abundant sunshine to produce electricity since it is much cheaper, and much cleaner, than the importation of oil and gas.


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