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Sa Qüestió: A passion for artistic expression
By Jerry Brownstein
Ibiza residents Gianfranco and Marilina dreamed of creating a place where music, art, culture and love could flourish here on the island. In 2014 that dream came true when they opened Sa Qüestió in Ibiza Town. For six years the energy of that special place continued to grow as it opened its doors and its heart to all forms of artistic expression: music, poetry, mini theatre, painting etc.. As 2020 approached Sa Qüestió was ready to rise to an even greater level of creativity... but then Covid came.

As with many small businesses here and around the world, the restrictions forced them to close their doors for over a year, and that has been a financial disaster. But the owners are determined to bring back the magic of Sa Qüestió, so they have come up with an innovative plan to make it happen. Ownership will be a cooperative, and all who have a passion for music and the arts are welcomed to join as part owners of the club.

For more details please contact them by Email at: [email protected]


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