Bringing dignity and hope to those in need

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Laundry truck for the homeless
By Jinny Throup
Laundry Truck LA is a mobile laundry service for homeless people in Los Angeles (US). It was founded by Jodie Dolan who was a volunteer at the Shower of Hope charity that offers free mobile showers. Jodie was inspired to take action after seeing homeless people benefitting from this mobile shower service, only to have to put their dirty clothes back on their clean bodies. Today Laundry Truck LA and Shower of Hope operate side by side, giving homeless people the opportunity to take a shower and then change into warm, clean clothes. But Laundry Truck LA provides more than just clean clothes. They have organized weekly gatherings where numerous other service providers offer food, haircuts and clothing to the homeless. These events are a great way for these people who have been left behind by society to feel a sense of normality by giving them a place to socialise, network, and experience a real sense of community.


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