Innovative art and technology to brighten rainy days

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Water activated street murals
By Michelle Robertson
No longer does the rainy season make the streets of Seoul, Korea look depressingly dreary. ‘Project Monsoon’ is transforming those grey days with spectacular bursts of colour. When the roads get wet they come alive with bright and colourful murals depicting an underwater world that is teeming with exotic sea life. The project was created in collaboration with the School of the Art Institute in Chicago (US). They use a specially designed hydrochromic paint that only becomes visible when wet. The streets are painted with exuberant designs that beautifully capture the natural beauty of the sea and its elegant flow. Pedestrians are certainly given something to smile about, as colours explode right before their very eyes. Seeing as it can rain for up to three solid weeks during the monsoon season, it must be a relief for the residents of Seoul to be able to look down on something beautiful whenever they reach for their umbrellas.


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