Attractive bike helmets will be used more

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Bike helmets that look like hats
By Jinny Throup
Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, a bicycle helmet has been designed that looks like a regular hat. The Park & Diamond helmet, created in the US by David Hall and Jordan Klein, is as thin and stylish as a baseball cap, yet as durable as a traditional bike helmet. In addition, it can easily be folded up and stored in a bag or on the bike’s water bottle holder. Hall and Klein became determined to give cyclists an incentive to wear preventative headgear after a near fatal bike accident left a close relative in a coma. So they set out to create a product that was equal parts stylish and protective. Years of testing and refinements have proven the helmet’s ability to absorb three times more energy than a traditional bike helmet. The designers believe that people are much more likely to use a less bulky helmet that has some style, and this could save thousands of lives.


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