Progress in taking sexism out of government

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Sant Antoni training in gender equality
By María V. R.
The City Council of Sant Antoni, through its Department of Social Services, teaches a gender equality training course aimed at all professionals of Social Services, Police and general staff. This initiative, which is part of the Spanish government’s Pact against gender violence, includes training that is tailored to the specific needs of each group of professionals. For example, Social Service workers study the difficulties of working with cases of gender-based violence. They learn about the types of violence, their cycles, their consequences, and of course how to care for the victims. The Local Police will do real case analyses and case studies, but will also address concepts such as "romantic love" and "gender socialization" to understand the causes of abuse. The officials of the city government are also taking these courses. Not only are they being brought up to date on the statistics of gender violence, but they are also instructed in the importance of non-sexist communication, inclusive language and other key concepts related to gender equality.


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