Amazing proof of the mind-body connection

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Brain tumour vanishes
By Michelle Robertson
Here’s proof that having faith, hope and a positive attitude can create what doctors can only call a ‘miracle’. Paul Wood from Lodi, California left the medical experts baffled when his life-threatening tumour suddenly disappeared without any medical intervention. A neurosurgeon initially diagnosed that Paul was suffering from a brain bleed, but subsequent CAT scans revealed a brain tumour. He was scheduled for immediate surgery, and at that point he turned to his strong faith, and the people around him were right behind him. On the day before the planned surgery his doctors realised that the suspected tumour had vanished. A baffled Dr Richard Yee said: “We do tests, we have medical technology, we try to come up with some conclusions. We’re like detectives – but sometimes things happen that we can’t explain.” Paul credits his miraculous recovery to a “divine intervention” brought on by the support of his religious community whose members flooded him with messages of support following the news of his condition. This certainly seems to be one of the many cases where the healing power of the mind-body connection creates a cure that is beyond the scope of conventional medicine.


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