Quick and easy closure for a bad cut

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Healing cuts with ZipStitch
By Michelle Robertson
ZipStitch is an ingenious new first aid tool that can close up a serious cut when it’s not possible to get to a doctor. It consists of four zip-ties that are connected by two 4 cm super-adhesive bandages. The zip-ties are made of medical-grade polymer, and they connect the two adhesives with a locking mechanism. The adhesive bandages anchor each side of the wound, and when the zip-ties are closed they pull the skin from both sides to close the cut and then lock it in place.

The ZipStitch Wound Closure Device could be the answer when you have a nasty cut and butterfly bandages just won’t suffice. The team behind it says that it’s ideal for lacerations that would normally require stitches. It’s easy to use, non-invasive and prevents the “potential hassle, pain, and costs of stitches”. The strips can apparently last for up to two weeks when placed on dry and clean skin. It’s perfect for those who hike and climb in remote areas... or for anyone who might suffer a severe cut.


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