Women over 40 are beautiful

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Fashion magazine that features mature models
By María V. R.
A fashion and lifestyle magazine called ‘Renaissance’ is unique in that it only uses models aged 40 or older. Their aim is to break with the conventions of the youth-focused fashion industry by showing the beauty of mature women. They are inspired in part by the online movement “That’s Not My Age”. In each issue the magazine explores different aspects of timeless beauty in both style and appearance. The publication, which is based in Sydney, Australia, comes out twice a year, and it also covers mature angles on work, travel and relationships.

Mikella Lowe created Renaissance as a 40th birthday gift to herself, with the goal of changing the negativity that surrounds ageing in the media. Diversity is also an important element of her message, so for each issue they shoot in at least five different countries and interview people from around the world. The magazine is published in over 15 countries including Europe, US, Japan and Australia.


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