Better use of recycled water

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Sant Josep takes steps for water conservation
By María V. R.
Water is a scarce resource on Ibiza, and one of the ways to help make it more sustainable is the intelligent use of recycled water. Once this water is purified it can be used for non-consumption purposes like irrigation, watering gardens and cleaning streets. This would save the best quality water for personal use: drinking, cooking, etc.. The municipality of Sant Josep and its mayor Josep Ribas, support this idea and are taking steps to implement it. At present most of the recycled water is wasted as it goes into the sea. Sant Josep wants to improve their purification plants so that farmers will use most of the recycled water, and whatever goes into the sea will be cleaner than it is now.

There have been many problems in the past with the lack of efficiency in the sewage treatment plants. The mayor is working to solve these problems so that the recycled water becomes more useful. They have also given the green light to projects like the Community of Irrigators of Cala Tarida. This local organization was formed by the City council, hotels and communities of owners to support the reuse of sanitized waters for the irrigation of gardens and parks.


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