Buy local to support Ibiza’s farmers

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Supporting Ibiza’s agriculture
By Jerry Brownstein
The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) is supporting the Ibiza Produce project to promote the consumption of local fruits and vegetables as a way to protect the island’s environment and its agricultural diversity. Only 2% of the food consumed here is grown on Ibiza, and since 2000 Ibiza has lost over 70 km2 of its agricultural land. In order to better understand the problem, IPF financed a feasibility study that identified the main obstacles and opportunities for local producers. They found that the problems included access to quality land, water scarcity, high costs, strong competition from the mainland and the need for greater coordination between producers and retailers. On the positive side, the study showed that there is strong support for products “made in Ibiza”, and there has been an increase in organic agriculture and boutique farming.

The goal of Ibiza Produce is twofold: first, to collaborate with farmers and produce markets to preserve the quality of the land and, second, to increase the consumption of local products. To achieve these aims IPF supports agricultural cooperatives and works to increase the amount of land under cultivation by collaborating with existing farmers whilst encouraging new ones. They are also creating marketing campaigns for local products, and establishing connections between the main stakeholders: farmers, restaurants, local government and consumers.

Ibiza Produce has launched a website to create an online platform with information about farmers and producers on the island. It includes a list of products produced in Ibiza and where to find them:


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