Working to make Ibiza’s water supply sustainable

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Not a drop to the sea
By Carmen Loren
The Alliance for Water of Ibiza and Formentera (AWIF) is continuing its awareness and environmental education campaign under the slogan 'Not a drop to the sea'. This initiative was spurred by the negative results from the data monitoring Ibiza’s water usage. The research shows that Ibiza and Formentera have been in a situation of drought for some time, with severe over-exploitation of our aquifers. This dire situation led the AWIF to raise the alarm about the urgent need to reduce the pressure on the underground aquifers (that supply our water), and to improve the water supply and sanitation infrastructure of the Pitiusas.  

The AWIF says that it is essential to establish greater measures of efficiency and control for water consumption. They estimate that a radical change must be made in the hydrological planning of the Pitiusas by enhancing the reuse of water and reducing the discharge of treated water into the sea. Efficient and healthy reuse of water will never be possible until the water purification systems are improved, and the degree of salinization is reduced. Finally, and perhaps most important, the AWIF has proposed a comprehensive project to retain the rain water that we receive each year. Far too much of this precious resource flows unused into the sewers and out to the sea.


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