Plastic that disappears

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Soluble plastic bags
By María V. R.
A group of Chilean scientists have created a plastic bag which does not pollute the environment because it can disappear. The ‘SoluBag’ is just as strong as a traditional plastic bag, but it dissolves on contact with water in just five minutes. The bag does not leave any kind of contaminant in the water, so it remains potable. But what happens when it rains! Of course the inventors have thought about that, and they assure us that the bags only dissolve when the water is a certain temperature.

When demonstrating the product, the creators of SoluBag put one into a container with water to show how quickly it disintegrates. They even drink the water afterwards to prove that it is still suitable for human consumption. Their aim is to make it easier for each person to be responsible for their personal sustainability. The inventors of this fantastic idea have been invited to work with the NASA research center in Silicon Valley, US.


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