Looks better, lasts longer, costs less and generates free electricity.

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Tesla’s solar roof tiles
By Jerry Brownstein
One of the drawbacks of installing solar panels on the roof of your house is that they are not very aesthetically pleasing to look at... but that problem may soon be a thing of the past. Elon Musk and his Tesla company have come up with solar panels that are integrated within stylish roof tiles. They not only look good, but will deliver 98% of the efficiency of a standard solar cells, and will last two to three times longer than traditional roofing materials.

This new product uses a high-efficiency solar cell which is covered with a coloured film and tempered glass. This allows the cells to blend into the roof while still exposing them to the sun. They are capable of generating enough energy to significantly reduce monthly utility bills or even completely eliminate them. The company has recently announced that they expect these panels to cost no more than regular roof tiles – and that does not include the great savings that will be realized from the energy they will produce.  

Elon Musk summarizes it this way: “It’s looking quite promising that our solar roof will actually cost less than a normal roof... before you even take the value of electricity into account. So the basic proposition would be: ‘Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long, costs less and... by the way... generates electricity’. Why would you get anything else.” Why indeed...


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