Protecting our precious marine habitats.

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Marine Reserve created in Formentera
By María V. R.
The Balearic Ministry of the Environment has approved a decree establishing the Marine Reserve of Punta de Sa Creu in Formentera. It will consist of 1,059 hectares of inland waters surrounding La Mola - an area which has great ecological and fishing value. According to scientific studies it is home to a wide variety of marine biodiversity, with at least 23 different species including posidonia meadows and photophilic algae communities.

Marine reserves are areas where exploitation is limited in order to protect endangered species, and to preserve ecosystems with distinct characteristics. There are currently 58,700 hectares of the sea protected by marine reserves around the Balearic Islands. In addition, the Government has increased its surveillance in these areas from 7 to 14 guards over the last three years. More guards will be hired if a proposed reserve around Tagomago is approved. The new reserve at Punta de Sa Creu will have its own designated guard boat.


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