Grow food all year – even in Canada!

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Greenhouse of the future
By Michelle Robertson
Given the uncertainty of global warming, innovators are looking for alternative ways to produce food without relying on the unstable natural climate. A team from Quebec, Canada claim to have developed an eco-friendly and exceptionally cost-effective solution to our future food needs. It’s a micro-climate that allows people to grow their food all-year round with minimal energy usage. They designed and built a special growing system that allows organic food to grow in any climate. It is also very inexpensive to construct as it uses recycled materials. In addition to growing food, this ‘greenhouse of the future’ also provides a space for people to connect with nature and relax in warmth during the winter months.

The structure is partially dug into the ground to take advantage of the earth’s insulating properties. The walls are made from recycled car tires that are filled with soil. This further helps regulate the temperature as the tires absorb heat during the day and then release it at night. There is a passive rainwater collection system for water, and it even has attractive glass bricks pieced together from recycled bottles. Solar panels are installed on the top making the facility a completely off-grid operation.


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