Opportunities to return to life in the countryside.

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Bringing life to abandoned villages
By María Vila Rebolo
For all those who currently have problems in finding decent housing, perhaps the latest news about abandoned villages in Spain offers you a good opportunity. It has been said that "houses without people are for people without houses". Most of these villages became empty due to decades of gradual abandonment caused by their location in places with difficult climates and geographies, which only gave them the capacity for subsistence economies. But in the 21st century - with all of its technological advantages including solar panels that provide electricity - it is now possible to harmonize economic development with respect for the environment in these villages. They are also perfect places to raise children in a more natural and healthy way.

This idea is being supported even at the ministerial level through projects such as the Program for the Recovery and Educational Use of Abandoned Villages. They seek to familiarize young people with the rural world by promoting attitudes that reinforce the balance between people and nature. The creative drive of this program is to repopulate sparsely inhabited towns so that they do not become abandoned. The program promotes greater understanding of how to achieve cultural and physical restoration, environmental health and living in community. Workshops in many fields are developed with special emphasis on recognition of the essential role played by the environment in people's lives and in the development of society.


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