Yoga and Tango to stay youthful in your 90’s.

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An inspiring yogi in her 90’s
By Jane Charilaou
“Love what you do and love yourself.” That’s the advice given by New Yorker Phyllis Sues on how to live a long and happy life. This is a woman who doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, by busily enjoying over ninety years on the planet. Phyllis insists that advancing age is no obstacle to leading a full and exciting life. She greets every day with 45 minutes of yoga, and on top of that she skips rope for 6 minutes and dances the Tango every single day. “I learned to Tango at 83,” she announces proudly, and her love for Tango led her to play and compose her own music. She produced her first album, Tango Insomnia at age 87, and has since produced two more.

As you can see, Phyllis delights in new challenges, which is another key ingredient for a long and happy life. She explains, “If you don’t face a challenge then you’ve lost an opportunity that could have altered your life’s journey and you may never have that chance again.” All of these activities help to keep her youthful, but in the end Phyllis credits her daily yoga routine as the master key to a long and healthy life declaring, “I know my life going forward depends on my yoga practice.”


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