Costa Rica shows how various forms of clean energy can work together.

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Renewable energy record in Costa Rica
By Jinny Throup
Costa Rica is making great strides when it comes to clean energy. This small Central American country recently managed to run for 300 days using 100% renewable sources: hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar. The government is following a ten year plan to become carbon neutral by 2021, and this latest milestone follows previous impressive achievements. The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity claims that improvements to the grid and upgrades to various clean energy power plants are key to helping them reach their goals. The country is fortunate that it has an abundance of natural energy sources such as hydropower and geothermal.

Due to Costa Rica’s small size and population, it is not going to have a major impact on global climate control by going entirely fossil-fuel free. However, it can be a great example to other nations by proving that various forms of clean energy can work together, and that a commitment to clean energy makes sense on both environmental and socio-economic levels.


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