Sustainable waste disposal.

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Trash turned into electricity in Ethiopia
By Jinny Throup
The largest rubbish dump in Ethiopia has been converted into a new waste-to-energy plant that converts trash into electricity. The first of its kind in Africa, the Reppie Project is the result of a partnership between the Government of Ethiopia and a consortium of international companies. The plant, which is located in the country’s capital Addis Ababa, will incinerate 1,400 tonnes of trash per day, which represents about 80% of the waste generated by the city. The trash is burned in a combustion chamber, and the heat produced creates steam which drives a turbine generator. It produces enough electricity to supply 30% of the city’s population.

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges confronting many African countries. If waste disposal is not correctly managed it can often lead to flooding and the outbreak of diseases. The Reppie Waste-to-Energy Project is the first step in a plan to revolutionise waste management practices in Ethiopia. It is hoped that this will spark a series of similar projects in major cities across Africa.


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