Sustainable energy from the ocean’s waves and tides.

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Kinetic wave power
By Jerry Brownstein
The Wavestar project offers a revolutionary method of harnessing the kinetic energy of waves and converting it into electricity. Located in Denmark, Wavestar machines are equipped with kinetic energy harvesters called 'floats' that move up and down with the waves, and their motion is used to rotate power generators. The technology enables continuous energy production with a smooth output.

The first of these power stations has recently become operational. Each station will have 20 floats with a diameter of 10 m, and the ability to provide energy for up to 4,000 households. Our oceans are a vast source of clean energy which projects like Wavestar are just starting to tap. Experts say that if we could capture just 0.1% of the oceans' tidal kinetic energy, it would provide 500% of the current global energy demand.


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