A wonderful example of community spirit and the love that is felt for this island and our local businesses.

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Community cooperation salvages a beloved Chiringuito
By Lara Young
The charming Chiringuito at Cala Gracioneta was almost swept out to sea by a flash storm on Saturday 15 September. Torrential flooding in the surrounding area created a fierce channel of water that careened down the hill and forced its way through the Chiringuito’s terrace. Everything including tables, chairs and even heavy sun loungers were washed into the sea. Thankfully nobody was injured, but the staff were forced to stand by and helplessly watch as their terrace was swept away by the raging flood waters. Whilst they had experienced some minor flooding in the past, it had never been on this dramatic scale.

Local residents and regular customers saw an instagram video of the flood in action, and they immediately sent offers of help. As the rain subsided they gathered together with the staff to begin the huge clean-up operation. Terraces were swept, damaged goods were cleared from the sand, and even scuba divers were recruited to recover furniture from the depths of the sea.

This wonderful example of community spirit is a great reminder of the love that is felt for this island, its nature and our local businesses. The Chiringuito’s manager, Javier, said they were incredibly grateful to the community and customers for their generosity, kindness and support. Thanks to their combined efforts and relentless hard work, the Chiringuito was open for business no less than 24 hours later. That Sunday seemed like just another busy day for the Chiringuito, as keen diners took to the temporary hired seating for another long leisurely lunch in the sunshine. It seems that nothing can get in the way of our Sunday lunch… not even Mother Nature herself.


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