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The ‘Marijuana Nuns’ of California
By Jane Charilaou
An order of non-denominational nuns known as the Sisters of the Valley who’ve been cultivating medical Marijuana since 2008, are defying a ban imposed since 1 March 2016, by the town of Merced, California. Medical Marijuana has been legal in California for 19 years, but a typing mistake in a new law has given this local city the chance to shut it down in their community. However, the three rebellious ‘nuns’ who make up the ‘order’, were undeterred, declaring that they’re “Not accepting this ban. It’s against the will of the people, and that makes it unnatural and immoral.”

The ‘Holy Order’ is not affiliated with any religion and was born back in 2011 after the US Congress had ridiculously decided to classify pizza as a vegetable. Kate Meeusin, who in addition to growing Marijuana was a long time liberal activist, had this to say about it: “If pizza is a vegetable, then I am a nun!” ... and since then she has been known as ‘Sister Kate’. There are now three sisters in the order and they wear long denim skirts, white collared shirts and nun’s habits. Sister Kate explains that all of the Marijuana-based products that they produce are purely medicinal and are infused with healing intentions and love. They contain only cannabidiol which is prized for its healing qualities, but is not psychoactive.
The Sisters of the Valley are dedicated to a vision of “Women in every city selling medicine, and making medical Marijuana a healing industry instead of a stoner industry.” They continue to defiantly sell their products online despite the ban.


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