Sustainable living ‘Lord of the Rings’.

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Ecological Hobbit houses
By Michelle Robertson
Imagine a house that is so cleverly designed that it coordinates beautifully with nature, can be expanded whenever you want, is eco-friendly, super energy efficient and extremely simple to build. This sounds almost too good to be true, yet these are the qualities of the unique ‘Hobbit Houses’ which have recently become a reality. They feature prefabricated vaulted panels that can be covered in grass and soil to give a green-roofed appearance – they literally blend into the landscape. Not only that, but a home can be put together and finished in just three days.

According to Magic Green Homes, the creators of these Tolkien-style dwellings, the houses are made of components that are extremely durable and practical, yet they can be screwed together and sealed without the use of any heavy machinery. The basic module is about 40 square metres, and it can be easily expanded and customized by adding new modules. The houses have all the amenities of a conventional home, and the inner shells are constructed so that both the electrical and water systems can be quickly connected. The company warrants that the houses are designed to be well ventilated, water proofed and energy efficient... and they are also pretty cool to look at!


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