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Tesla builds a sustainable town
By Michelle Robertson
The world’s first ‘Tesla town’ located in Australia is the epitome of an environmentally sustainable development. Elon Musk’s Tesla company has built this futuristic ‘mini-suburb’ of 60 houses on 16.5 hectares near Melbourne. It’s called Yarra Bend, and compared to normal construction, it is projected to reduce energy consumption by 34%, use 43% less water and reduce landfills by 80% due to efficient waste management. High-tech rooftop solar panels will generate and store enough green energy to power not only each individual home, but everyone’s electric cars.

Revolutionary lithium-ion Powerwall batteries are designed for each home to stockpile energy from its rooftop solar systems. These plush yet super-green dwellings also feature solar powered electric car recharging points, high-speed internet and an app that will connect to a variety of amenities within the community like public transport timetables, home delivery menus, carpooling arrangements and social events.

The project aims to achieve the highest ecologically sustainable development (ESD) rating of 6 stars. The woman behind the ESD rating system, Danni Addison, states that: “The Powerwall batteries combined with solar panels will mean that residents will be able to benefit in a variety of ways, including dramatically smaller power bills and knowing that the majority of their energy usage is coming from a clean and renewable source.” She added that, “The electric car charging points combined with the Powerwall and solar panels, make the re-charging of the residents’ electric cars free... and clean.”


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