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Silent fireworks
By Jinny Throup
A town in Italy has recently introduced new legislation which mandates that only silent fireworks can be used at celebrations. For the people of Collecchio in the province of Parma, this is a way of respecting their animals, and also reducing the stress that is caused by the loud explosions of a typical fireworks display. With their highly sensitive hearing, animals are often confused as to where the loud noises are coming from. This can result in heart problems, tremors and often running away in panic. 

But this is not just about animals. Many people would prefer fireworks that are not so violently loud, and the trend toward quiet fireworks is spreading throughout the world. A typical fireworks display has booming noises that are above 150 decibels which is a level that can cause hearing loss - especially in children. A softer celebration would replace the stress of the booms with feelings of joy and wonder. Imagine watching a marvellous visual display of rich colours bursting in the sky... accompanied by beautiful music and soothing sounds.


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