Living off the grid with comfort and portability.

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Solar powered residential pod
By Michelle Robertson
Living off the grid is the ultimate dream for many... a dream that includes the freedom to move wherever you want with everything you need. That’s the promise of a new ‘mobile micro dwelling’ that’s powered by solar energy and a battery. It’s called the Ecocapsule, and it is designed to be comfortable for two people with a bathroom - complete with shower and waterless toilet, plus a small kitchen including a sink and two-burner stove. The living area has a convertible sofa that folds out to a double bed and there is even some desk space.

The insulated fibreglass capsule is encased in an aluminium shell so that it can tow it anywhere. You can also hook it to a crane... or to a helicopter! Developed by Nice Architects, this ingenious modern day mobile home is powered by solar panels. Even when there is little sun, the fully charged 10 kW battery will last for at least four days with a 2.2 kW per day usage. All systems are controlled via a smartphone app and the cost comes in at a cool €79,000.


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