Group drumming improves your moods.

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Drumming more effective than Prozac
By Jane Charilaou
The drummers at Benirràs would certainly agree with a recent study which found that participating in group drumming sessions is a powerful and effective treatment for depression. In fact, it proved to be considerably more effective than the widely prescribed and infamous anti-depressant pill Prozac. This academically rigorous study was conducted by a team of UK researchers and supported by a collection of prestigious academic institutions. It compared two groups of participants who had been previously identified as suffering from depression. Over a 10-week period, one group was put on Prozac while the other participated in weekly 90 minute drumming sessions. 

The results were remarkable. The drumming participants enjoyed significant improvements in well-being and social resilience, along with decreases in depression and anxiety evidenced by a range of biological parameters. Moreover, these robustly positive results continued for three months after the study was finished. In contrast, the group on Prozac showed no such improvement. This study is being hailed as a game changer for the promotion of natural treatments for depression that are both effective and enduring – and without the nasty side effects of drugs like Prozac.


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