Instant translations with new Google Pixel Buds.

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Headphones that translate 40 languages
By Carmen Loren
Language barriers are becoming easier to cross in our increasingly technological world. In recent months several devices have emerged that facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. One of them is already on sale and it could revolutionize the way we travel, communicate, work and do business in other countries. The tech giant Google has released headphones called Google Pixel Buds that can translate up to 40 languages in real time. In order to work the buds must be connected to the latest Android smartphone launched by the company.

Users of these revolutionary headsets will be able to understand the different languages through the Google Assistant on their phone, or by pressing a button. Another very interesting feature of this invention is that the user can also respond to messages in the language of the person who sent the original message. The Pixel Bud headphones record your outgoing message through a microphone that you activate by pressing a button on the right earpiece. The app recognizes the language from the original message and uses that language to translate your message. Amazing!


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