Father uses 3D printer to make an artificial limb.

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A generous man changes a girl’s life
By María Vila Rebolo
In order to help his 10-year-old son who lacks an arm, Callum Miller found an online charity called Team UnLimited that uses 3D printers to make robotic arms. But the waiting list for the prosthesis was 18 months, and this ingenious father refused to wait that long. He decided to buy his own 3D printer, and he downloaded different models of artificial arms until he was able to create the perfect one for his son. The most beautiful part of this story is that Callum not only transformed the life of his son, but also that of Keira Campbell and her family in Hardwick, UK. 

Callum contacted them to offer his help after reading her story on Facebook. Keira was 6 years old, and she was born without a hand. Although she had learned to live without it, she had difficulty holding her toys or even a simple glass. Callum used his newly acquired knowledge to 3D print an artificial hand for Keira. Her mother says that thanks to Callum her daughter’s life has been totally revolutionized. Now Keira feels more independent and confident as she is able to grab objects and perform tasks that she could not do before. But Callum is not satisfied with these first models, and he hopes to develop more advanced and flexible artificial limbs with cables and sensors that will allow Keira and his son Jamie to move their fingers.


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