A two-wheel traffic optimization project thanks to an elevated cycleway.

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Elevated e-bike cycleways
By Michelle Robertson
Streamlining two-wheel traffic to an elevated cycleway in city centres is the vision of a project which could serve as a model for cleaner commuting that eases both congestion and emissions. BMW came up with this alternative to banning cars from increasingly crowded cities. It is an elevated cycleway with a roof, solar panels, climate control and even a rainwater collection system. They call it the BMW Vision E³ Way, and the triple E in the name highlights that these cycleways are Elevated, Electric, and Efficient.

Markus Seidel, head of the BMW Technology Office, explained that this opens up a whole new dimension of mobility, as it can cut down on the risk of accidents while optimising traffic flow. Along with providing a route for current electric bike and scooter riders, the E³ Way concept could also enable bike-sharing with rental e-bikes being offered at each entry point.


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