This shirt monitors your breathing patterns.

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The smart diagnostic T-shirt
By Jinny Throup
Researchers at the Université Laval in Quebec, Canada have developed a T-shirt that monitors the wearer’s breathing through a tiny antenna at the centre of the design. The shirt detects motion, records breathing patterns and sends that data to a smart phone or computer. The technology can be used to diagnose or monitor anyone struggling with asthma, chronic pulmonary disease or sleep apnea. Developers say that the shirt is comfortable and does not inhibit the wearer’s natural movements. Tests have shown that the data captured is reliable whether the subject is moving around, sitting, standing or lying down. In addition, the shirt is machine washable and the antenna is durable enough to stay accurate after numerous washings. Although there is no definite release date for this new technology, it could eventually be a huge breakthrough for people suffering from respiratory illnesses.


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