The unique strengths of mentally different workers.

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The value of autistic employees
By Jinny Throup
London based Auticon is an information technology (IT) consultancy with a difference. The company, which topped the “one to watch” category at the UK Social Enterprise Awards of 2017, has a workforce made up entirely of people with various levels of autism and Asperger’s (a syndrome closely related to autism). Launched in 2016, Auticon helps autistic adults find work by coaching them and then connecting them with major companies across the UK. They also give potential employers advice on how to create an autism-friendly work environment. They have placed clients with many top firms including Channel 4, Network Rail and Virgin Money.

Autistic people have many strengths that can be particularly valuable for IT work. Each person is unique and their place on the ‘spectrum’ of autism gives them different talents. These can include logical and analytical abilities, conscientiousness, loyalty, sustained concentration and technical expertise. According to Auitcon CEO Ray Coyle, “Employing a neuro-diverse team offers great commercial and social value. It produces a win-win situation for clients, autistic consultants, and society.”


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