P|Art Ibiza is more than just an art gallery.

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“Ibiza is not only parties, it is also art”
By Carmen Loren
When you enter the art gallery P|Art Ibiza, located in a small traditional house in Ca Na Negreta, you get the feeling of diving into very special universe. This is a laboratory of ideas where creativity finds a perfect space to be and expand; where modernity, originality and colour are the on full display in the modern artwork that is shown there. It is a warm-hearted meeting place for the island’s artisans and artists where they can not only present and sell their work. But can gather to create, connect and debate.

The person responsible for this unique and magical world is the artist and photographer Patrizia Longarini. Born in Rome, an artistic city in all senses, she fell in love with our country and with Ibiza. As we chat with her, we are quickly filled with her enthusiasm, energy and passion for art:

Patrizia, how did the idea of creating such a unique space come up?

This had always been my dream – to create a place where anyone could access the opportunity of appreciating artwork; of enjoying and nourishing themselves through art. Once when I was in Ibiza I walked by this house and asked the owner. There were a number of people before me who were interested in the house, but finally it came to me and that’s how it all started!

What do you think P|Art has to offer Ibiza, an island where culture does not tend to be the first option for visitors?

Ibiza is not only about parties, it also has art, local artists... In the two years that we have been open I’ve realised that people are very curious, and they really are interested to see new things like a new artist. We have brought to Ibiza the works of 60 creative people from around the world, which involved a lot of work. We are constantly creating activities all through the year to show people that this kind of art can also be interesting as for those who live here. Not everyone can travel to New York or Berlin to go and see a gallery, so here we offer contemporary art that is easily accessible for all.

Which means democratizing art on the island...

Exactly. For me this is also a social labour. We carry out prolonged and costly searches for artists all over Europe and elsewhere to bring their artwork to Ibiza and make them available to everyone. The pieces you can buy at P|Art range in cost from as low as €200 all the way up to €50,000.

Speaking of services to society, P|Art cooperates closely with the Association of People with Special Needs in Ibiza and Formentera (APNEEF). Do you think it’s possible to spread and integrate the concept that a business can earn money while also benefiting the community and generating a positive social impact?

Yes, it’s clearly possible. We have cooperated regularly with APNEEF from the beginning, and have organised a number of charity auctions for them that have brought in up to €30,000. It is also very important to us to support emerging local and international artists, so we offer them a space to showcase their work where we do not charge them rent. P|Art is also very committed to supporting the conservation of the Ibicenco identity and valuing the indigenous culture. Finally, we are very proud to be a gallery that is well loved by the community of artists.

In fact, one of your latest projects is all about promoting one of the most unique symbols of our island, the local dog breed known as Podenco Ibicenco.

Yes, we are now working with a collection of 10 sculptures by the Ibiza artist Andreu Moreno, who has created eight males and two females in fiberglass that will be polychromed by various artists. Renowned painter Guido Daniele, who participated in a similar event called Cow Parade, is also involved in this project. This is essentially a tribute to Ibiza – to the indigenous culture of the island. I was born in Rome – a city steeped in the arts – and I have always thought it interesting to see art out on the streets. This is what we intend to do with ‘Podenco Lucas’ – bring pieces of art out on the streets to showcase them around different parts of the island and also take them to other cities. This month of June we are presenting the whole collection, and our aim is for it to become a traveling exhibition that represents Ibiza around the world. In addition we will donate 15% of the profits from the sales to the Escola d’Art d’Eivissa.

P|Art is a delicious cultural offering on the island of Ibiza. It is aimed at both residents and visitors... all lovers of beauty and art who wish to let themselves be touched this summer by the warm, innovative, international and colourful atmosphere to be found at this converted traditional house located in Ca Na Negreta. •


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