Saving Ibiza’s olive & almond trees.

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A new product could save Ibiza’s trees
By María Vila Rebolo
After 13 years of research, the German company B+H Solutions has created a product based on nanotechnology that can destroy Xylella fastidiosa – a bacteria which has become a serious threat to the olive and almond trees of the Balearics. Although the Balearic Government has implemented a strategy to contain this bacteria, it continues to spread, and has recently reached Andalusia. B+H Solutions is a pioneer in the application of nanotechnology to agriculture, and they work in over 120 countries around the world finding solutions to bacterial infections of crops. In this case their work has focused on the olive groves affected by Xylella in the region of Apulia, Italy – considered to be the birthplace of this epidemic. In the most recent tests they injected this new product into the trunks of infected olive trees, and the results were incredibly successful with 100% of the trees being saved. This is great news for us on Ibiza, as our beautiful trees are in great danger from this deadly bacteria.

Nanotechnology involves using the tools of quantum mechanics to manipulate matter on the extremely small level of atoms and molecules. In this product they are using nanosilver which is highly effective in killing microbes. After treatment with this new product the trees are not only cured, but they are even healthier than before with improved production. Preventing the disease should be quite economical as you only need to inject a small amount of the product into each tree. Just one litre is needed to treat up to a hectare of land with a cost of only €60. For curing trees that are already infected a larger dose is needed depending on the degree of disease that is present. Once the insects that transmit the bacteria are eliminated, the tree is not only fully cured, but it is also protected against the disease for the future. The nanosilver does not kill any beneficial insects, and it is not toxic, so there is no need to establish safety deadlines after application.


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