Dutch company offers a smartphone that is made ethically.

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An ethical and modular mobile phone
By Javier Alcaraz
“Ethical, open and built to last” is the promotional slogan of a very special mobile phone called Fairphone 2. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the Dutch manufacturing company behind it puts ethics at the core of its business. The first phone they brought out by the company was called Fairphone 1, and it guaranteed that the minerals used for its components were conflict-free and that they were not linked to the exploitation of workers. With Fairphone 2 they have gone another step forward by creating the first modular phone on the market. This Android phone has been designed to last, with parts that are easy to change and repair. For example, if the camera or USB port should break, the users themselves can easily take out the old part and change it for a new one with just the use of a screwdriver. One of the manufacturer’s main objectives is to contribute toward the creation of a movement for cleaner and fairer electronic devices which are also long-lasting. The Fairphone 2 is already available to purchase in Europe for the price of €529.


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