A miracle is something that previously looked impossible because our limited consciousness could not comprehend it.

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Creating miracles
By Jerry Brownstein
Those of us who envision the possibility of a more beautiful world are told that we are unrealistic dreamers who believe in miracles. But what is a miracle? It is not the intervention of an external force that comes out of nowhere and defies the laws of physics.

A miracle is something that previously looked impossible because our limited consciousness could not comprehend it.

When we expand our consciousness we open ourselves to greater possibilities that we could not see before. The way to create miracles in our lives and on this planet is by broadening our awareness so that the “miraculous” becomes the norm. Humanity is poised to take the next step in our evolution – to shift from the current worldview based on fear, lack and limitation toward a new paradigm grounded in love, abundance and freedom. This is the energy of change that we feel all around us, and it is urging us to expand our consciousness so that we can create the ‘miracles’ that we need.

The noted movie maker and meditator David Lynch has an interesting way of describing what it means to expand your consciousness. Imagine that your consciousness is the size of a golf ball. When you read a book you will get a golf-ball-sized Understanding of the writing. If you look outside of your window you will have a golf-ball-sized Awareness of the beauty of nature. When you get out of bed in the morning you will experience a golf-ball-sized Wakefulness. Now see what happens when that golf ball of consciousness is expanded to the size of a beautiful hot air balloon: Read the book and you will get More Understanding; look outside and you will have More Awareness; wake up and you will feel More Wakefulness. What he is saying is that you are only able to experience what your consciousness is capable of comprehending. So as your consciousness evolves and grows you open yourself to ever greater experiences in all areas of your life. These new possibilities are ‘miracles’ compared to your previously limited experiences.

The conventional thinking of our society cannot see these miracles. It is stuck in a limited consciousness that is unable to comprehend new possibilities that are beyond its narrow view of the world. The only way to create the miracles that we need on this planet is to elevate the consciousness of its people… and that starts with you and me. The most important thing that each one of us can do to contribute to the transformation of our world is to go within to transform ourselves. This is the journey of personal transformation which starts by remembering that you are much greater than what your conditioning has programmed you to be. In search of that higher consciousness you go within to discover the beauty and wisdom that is your true authentic nature. Your life becomes a Hero’s Journey, and you are the star of your own adventure movie.

In this movie the hero embarks upon a quest to find the great treasure that will enrich his/her life and all of humanity. She/he overcomes all sorts of dangerous obstacles and finally reaches the treasure… then what? It does no good to just sit in the Temple of Light staring at the valuable treasure… he/she must bring it out into the world. Once again there will be dangers along the way, but in the end the hero prevails. And so it is with the adventures of our lives. We go within to find the great treasure which is our true, beautiful loving selves. Getting there involves overcoming the demons of past conditioning and ego-based distractions. Our positive intentions and daily practice give us the strength to find the treasure… then what? The next step is to consciously bring that inner light into the world through your thoughts, your words, your actions and your very presence. This will make your personal life more wonderful in every way, but how will it contribute to the evolution of our world?

I want you to imagine a beautiful pond with perfectly still water. If you throw a stone into that water it will create gentle waves that radiate outward in every direction – ripples on a pond. As you awaken to your true self and bring that beautiful presence into the world, you will create ripples on the pond of life. The glow of your inner light will touch everyone you come into contact with… at home, at work, or just walking down the street. Each of those whom you have touched will then spread that light to others… and others… and on, and on, and on… like ripples on a pond. That is how you change the world – by becoming a living demonstration of your inner beauty and a beacon for others to follow.

In so doing you hold the space for all of humanity to evolve to its highest potential, and when a critical mass of society has awakened to their authentic nature of love, kindness and cooperation then the realization of a more beautiful world will not only be a possibility… it will have already arrived. Some might call it naive and impractical to believe that we can achieve such a Heaven on Earth… but you see, “Heaven is not a place, it is a state of consciousness”… and we have the power to create that heavenly consciousness right here and right now. This is the great opportunity that is being presented to us in these exciting times, and as more and more of us embark on our Heroes’ Journeys we will create a world in which yesterday’s miracles become today’s reality. •


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