Are these elegant symbols from another world... or another dimension?

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The Mystery of Crop Circles
By Jerry Brownstein
Hundreds of complex and beautiful patterns appear in crop fields around the world every year, yet their origin and purpose remain a complete mystery. Conventional science and the media try to convince us that these crop circles are merely the work of human artists, but the evidence does not support that conclusion. These incredible shapes and forms seem to come out of nowhere... and they keep appearing year after year... yet most people are unaware of the mystery surrounding them. Who or what is creating them? What do they mean? If crop circles are not man-made then they must come from an other-worldly source... and that would be the greatest news story in the history of the world. Yet the mainstream media does not do much to explore this phenomenon. Let’s look at some of the facts and see where they lead us.

One of the most amazing characteristics of crop circles is how many of them consistently show up every year. There have been reports of crop circles for many decades, but accurate records were not kept until 1980. Since then about 10,000 have been reported worldwide, and over 6,000 of those were investigated and documented. They have appeared in various places, but almost 70% occur in southern England – particularly in the area around Wiltshire. Crop circles can occur in any crop, but most are in large fields of wheat or other grains, and they range in size from relatively small ones to vastly complex designs that cover up to 20,000 m2. These spectacular designs often display geometric and astronomical symbolism.
Most people think that crop circles are man-made hoaxes, and this opinion has been shaped and encouraged by the mainstream media. In 1991 many news outlets declared that the whole mystery had been solved by the confessions of two English pranksters named Doug Bower and Dave Chorley. The famous ‘Doug & Dave’ revealed that it was they – not extra-terrestrials – who had been setting out at night since 1978 to craft the incredibly beautiful and cryptic symbols that appeared in and around the rolling hills of England. This claim was soon disproven as they were unable to show that they could make a real crop circle in one night using their simple tools with boards and rope. Their attempts to do so were sloppy and unimpressive.

However, the story of Doug & Dave spawned a number of other sceptics who went to great lengths to prove that these creations could be made by men. Teams armed with lasers and other sophisticated equipment have tried to emulate genuine crop circles, but to no avail. The best of these man-made designs look similar to the real thing, but they are created by many people working for several days, whereas a real crop circle appears overnight in a matter of hours... or less. These man-made circles are also very different in many other ways, which we will explore in a moment. Nonetheless, the prevailing public opinion still believes that crop circles are made by men, and this belief persists despite mounting evidence that supports the theory that ‘something else’ is creating these natural masterpieces. Here are some of the extraordinary effects of real crop circles that are not present in designs done by humans.
Grain stalks are different
In real crop circles the stalks are not broken but are bent at a 90° angle about 2 cm off the ground. Botanical scientists say that the only way for this to happen would be if the plants were subjected to a short and intense burst of heat or energy. This would soften the stalks allowing them to be folded over without damaging them. Examining the grain stalks is the best method for identifying a real crop circle, because in man-made circles the stalks are always broken and jagged.

Changes in composition of the soil
Researchers have found distinct changes in the temperature and crystalline structure of the soil within crop circles. The soil appears to have been baked, and analysts conclude that a temperature of 1,500°C would be required to create such a change. In addition, large quantities of surface and subsurface water (up to millions of litres) disappear in and around a crop circle during its formation. When farmers find new crop circles they usually see steam rising into the air from within the design. Aerial photography, using infrared film, shows that the groundwater under a circle remains depleted for up to a week.
Electromagnetic Effects
Electromagnetic measurements within crop circles have registered up to 10 times the normal level. Compasses spin erratically and can’t locate north; battery powered devices like watches, cameras and mobile phones malfunction; brand new batteries are drained in minutes; radio frequencies are affected; farm animals and birds are agitated and stay away from a crop formation; in a few cases entire towns have lost power.

Effects on Humans
Some people experience heightened states of awareness within crop circles. Others complain of headaches and unusual physical or mental symptoms including dizziness, disorientation and nausea.
Crop Circle Witnesses
More than 80 people have witnessed and reported seeing crop circles actually forming in only 15-20 seconds. They all describe seeing brightly coloured balls of light (orbs) before and after the crop circle is formed. In some reports shafts of light have been seen in the area where the crop is being swirled into a geometric shape.

Ley Lines
The Earth’s magnetic field (energy grid) runs along what are called ley lines, and many ancient sacred sites (including Stonehenge) are located at or near these lines of energy. Is it just a coincidence that most crop circles appear in the areas where these lines intersect?
Clearly the evidence points to a non-human source for crop circles, but that is just the beginning of the mystery. If these spectacular designs are not made by humans then who or what is creating them... and why? Are these messages from another planet... from another dimension? Certainly the designs appear to have an elegant form of geometrical symbolism that may contain cryptic messages. Several have, in fact, been interpreted as symbolic answers to radio messages that our space agencies have sent into the universe. As you can see, the questions surrounding crop circles are endless, but the biggest question is why are we not doing more to find the answers. Hundreds of times every year we are presented with these mysterious events that apparently come to us from an extra-terrestrial source... they create elegant designs which may well contain cryptic cosmic messages... yet we do very little to find out about them... and the general public knows almost nothing. This is perhaps the greatest mystery that surrounds these magnificent phenomena... someone or something is knocking on our door... and we pretend that it isn’t there... •


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