Bringing the 21st century to Africa

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A “Green City” in Africa
By María V.R.
The first green city project in Africa is being planned for construction on 620 hectares of land near Rwanda’s capital of Kigali. This urban area will be a model for future development as it will feature clean technologies, electric vehicles, renewable energy, biogas plants and urban forests. Other fundamental aspects of sustainability that are planned include the creation of mini-factories with clean technologies, affordable ecological housing and integrated craft production centres. The Rwanda Green Fund, with the financial support of the German Development Cooperation, plan to begin the project with the key infrastructure components of water, electricity and roads. Once those are in place the buildings, gardens and other installations will be started. This project will be a living test of the viability of green cities in Africa. If it is successful then more such communities can be built that feature green technologies and innovations for climate-resilient urbanization.


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