Many companies are starting to limit plastic use

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Samsung reduces plastic packaging
By Jinny Throup
The world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung, has pledged to reduce the amount of plastic packaging typically used to wrap and protect its electronic devices and appliances. Samsung phones, tablets and wearable devices will be packaged in paper, pulp molds and bio-based or recycled plastics. In addition, the glossy plastic exterior of the phone charger will be replaced with a recycled matte finish, and plastic protection films will be discontinued. The plastic bags used to protect the surface of Samsung’s large home appliances will be replaced by bags made from recycled materials and bioplastics, which are produced from non-fossil fuel materials such as starch and sugar cane. This reduction of single-use plastics is set to be a gradual process with no timetable set for when they will be phased out completely. But it is encouraging to see Samsung joining the growing number of international companies that are actively reducing the amount of plastic waste that their businesses produce. This is the result of consumer pressure to make these firms more responsive to ecological concerns.


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