Ibiza’s Rosario Clinic leads the way in Covid treatment

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Ozone Therapy for Covid-19 on Ibiza
By Jerry Brownstein
Hospitals around the world are scrambling to find effective ways to treat the Covid-19 virus, and many are consulting the Rosario Clinic here on Ibiza because of their success in using ozone therapy. Staff doctors Montserrat Viñals and Alberto Hernández have experience with ozone therapy, and they proposed using it on Covid patients. Francisco Vilás, the head of the Rosario Polyclinic Group, gave his OK after seeing that the treatment was being used successfully in Italy.

Their first ozone patient was Sergio Tonelli who was in the ICU (intensive care) with severe symptoms and low oxygen levels. He did not want to go on a ventilator which is a very invasive procedure with a large tube that is put down the throat into the lungs. These patients are often put into a controlled coma to allow the machine to breath for them. Mr Tonelli said he would rather try the ozone, and after the first treatment his condition immediately improved. In just three days of ozone therapy his oxygen levels had returned to normal. Since then the treatment has been applied to ten other patients with serious symptoms and all have recovered well.

Dr Hernández says that “The treatment is simple and easy to apply without any side effects. Patients respond very rapidly, and within 24 to 48 hours they are significantly improved.” He explains that the ozone treatment eases the inflammation of the lungs caused by Covid-19, and also stimulates the flow of oxygen to the body. Dr Vilás says that from now on his hospital will apply this treatment to all serious Covid-19 patients. He has received calls from hospitals around the world, “asking us for the protocols, which we have sent to them. We will be happy to help any hospital that asks by sharing our technical resources and our experience with ozone therapy.”


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