Progress in producing clean electric power

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Growth of renewable energy in Spain
By María V. R.
Renewable energy is obtained from the natural sources of sun, wind and water, which are inexhaustible and non-polluting. In the past Spain had not taken advantage of its abundant sunshine to fully promote clean solar energy, but that is now changing. In recent years the installation of solar panels has grown exponentially with some of the country’s largest companies adopting a more sustainable attitude toward energy production. Many factories have already achieved energy autonomy, which means they produce, manage and consume their own energy. One of the main reasons for this change is the high price of traditional energy relative to the continually lowering cost of sustainable alternatives. Thus there is now a practical financial reason to switch to renewable energy - particularly in Spain which has one of the highest prices for electricity in Europe.

Another good reason for the growth of solar energy is the repeal of the ridiculous  “sun tax” that had actively discouraged and penalized businesses and consumers that wanted to change to solar energy. This was finally ended when the new government was elected in 2018, and now it is much easier to install photovoltaic solar energy. Of course this makes complete sense as Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the most hours of sunshine. According to the Spanish Photovoltaic Union, the installation of solar panels in Spain grew by 94% in 2019. The government is once again granting subsidies to promote renewable energy, and the forecasts for its continued growth are very encouraging.


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