Sustainable agriculture in the heart of the “City of Light”

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World’s largest urban farm in Paris
By Jinny Throup
A groundbreaking rooftop farm is currently under construction in southwest Paris which will be the largest urban farm in the world. This oasis within a city will span approximately 14,000 square metres, and will grow more than 30 different types of edible plants. The site will produce around 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables every day in the high season, and will be using entirely organic methods. Located on top of a major exhibition complex, the farm will also have its own on-site restaurant and bar, which will feature seasonal produce grown right on the farm, along with panoramic views over the city.

A range of services related to promoting urban agriculture will also be offered at the farm, including educational tours, team-building workshops and special events. In addition, local residents will have the opportunity to lease small vegetable plots of their own in specially designed wooden enclosures. Whilst large scale urban farming is not completely new, this flagship farm in Paris takes it to another level, and does it with sustainability at the forefront. They will be using a unique form of aeroponic vertical farming that does not require any pesticides. It is a closed-water system with no soil which minimises the risk of any pollutants. One of the great benefits of such an urban farm is that it supplies people farm to table with a minimum of transport and storage, and this leaves an exceptionally low carbon footprint.


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