Feature Articles

The Power of Music

There you are, feeling sad and down... and suddenly your mood changes when you hear a song. Who is not familiar with this wonderful sensation? We know that music touches [...]

The Mystery of Crop Circles

Hundreds of complex and beautiful patterns appear in crop fields around the world every year, yet their origin and purpose remain a complete mystery. Conventional science [...]


Mindfulness is an ages-old practice that teaches you to be focused on the present moment so that you can make conscious choices. In recent years it has become a major buzzword [...]

Good News

Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea

After decades of military clashes, and the absence of diplomatic relations, Eritrean President Isaias Agwerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed signed a declaration [...]

The value of autistic employees

London based Auticon is an information technology (IT) consultancy with a difference. The company, which topped the “one to watch” category at the UK Social Enterprise Awards [...]

The #trashtag challenge goes viral

Beaches, parks, nature trails, and other outdoor spaces are getting a lot cleaner thanks to a popular organizing challenge on social media. The #trashtag challenge involves [...]

A milestone for women’s rights

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became the first elected leader in history to take maternity leave. Ardern took office in October, 2017 after a rapid political [...]

Science & Technology

Roll-up solar power

An innovative roll-out mobile solar system generates electricity in a way that is ideal for remote locations and emergency situations. The Renovagen Rapid Roll I can provide [...]

Eco-friendly roads in Tokyo

In preparation for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, Tokyo is installing “solar roads” to boost its reputation as an eco-friendly city. These roads will generate energy [...]

Giant airplane to launch rockets into space

The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, has put into motion an audacious plan to build the world’s largest airplane which will be used to launch rockets into [...]


The world’s first hemp airplane

The Canadian cannabis company Hempearth has designed the world’s first airplane that is made from and powered by cannabis. The primary material used is hemp - the non-psychoactive [...]

Greenhouse of the future

Given the uncertainty of global warming, innovators are looking for alternative ways to produce food without relying on the unstable natural climate. A team from Quebec, [...]

Vertical highway gardens in Mexico and India

Innovative green projects have been launched in both Mexico and India which aim to improve air quality. In Mexico City the Via Verde initiative has over 40,000 square metres [...]

Straws that are re-usable and collapsible

Re-usable straws have been on the market for quite some time, but they are not very convenient to carry about. ‘FinalStraw’ provides the solution using a clever mechanism [...]

Inside Ibiza

Ibiza’s History - Part III: The Goddesses of Ancient Ibiza

Religion was a cornerstone of the ancient world. To understand history in all its nuanced complexity, we must contemplate not only the outer events of wars and statecraft, [...]

Charging electric vehicles on Ibiza and Formentera

Ibiza has become one of the areas of Spain with the most chargers for electric vehicles per inhabitant, as it already offers 30 double recharge points. This infrastructure [...]

Ibiza’s History - Part VI: Dark Centuries after Rome

When Rome fell, the last embers of Classical Antiquity were extinguished. As the Empire broke up, its outlying lands were overrun by barbarians pressing in from the north [...]

Health & Wellness

Happiness Keeps you Healthy

All of us feel better when we are happy, and now medical science is finding proof for the health benefits of positive emotions. The evidence shows that people who are happy [...]

Can fasting boost brain power?

A stomach hormone that stimulates appetite seems to also promote the growth of new brain cells. This may explain why some people say that fasting makes them feel mentally [...]

Cannabis could boost memory in older people

Researchers have found evidence that small, daily doses of cannabis extract could possibly slow, or even reverse, the cognitive decline that comes with old age. The [...]

Meditations for different parts of the brain

It is well known that meditation is generally good for you, and now we are learning that it can be tailored to produce specific beneficial results. Previous studies have [...]

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